If you’re a driver in the Wausau area, you know the importance of preparing your vehicle for winter. But you may be wondering what the exact steps to properly winterizing your car may be. That’s something that our service center wants to help with, which is why we’ve gathered our top four tips to prepping your vehicle for winter weather conditions.

Four Tips to Car Your Ride for Winter

  • Inspect Your Tires:
    Tires play a critical role in your safety, as they are the first thing to separating you from the road. Before winter gets into full swing, you may want to consider changing out your summer tire for dedicated snow tires. Or, if you’re someone who prefers all-season tires, be sure to inspect your tread in addition to monitoring your tire pressure.
  • Check Your Fluids:
    From coolant to engine oil, make sure all your fluids are at their proper levels. At our service center, that task is something that we’ll gladly do for you. In addition to checking your fluids, we recommend getting your vehicle’s battery tested as well.
  • Create A Winter Emergency Kit:
    Should the unfortunate happen, you should be as prepared as possible. Stick a winter prep kit with cold-weather items in your trunk.
  • Schedule a Service with Us:
    The best way to prep your vehicle for winter, is to bring it to the professionals. Schedule a service with our service center today, and we can get your vehicle ready for winter.

Winter is on its way, and you don’t want to get left out in the cold. Be sure to properly winterize your vehicle so you can count on it for the rest of the season. You’re sure to be glad that you did. Schedule a service with us online, and you pick the ideal time for your appointment.

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